Polyethylene film sleeve and semi-sleeve

Polyethylene film sleeve and semi-sleeve

Polyethylene film is one of the most popular types of packaging materials, which is widely used in various fields of business. Due to the environmental safety and structural reliability, the polyethylene film is selected for packaging, both industrial group goods and food products.

High elasticity of the material and strength is achieved by the method of film production by extruding high polyethylene and low pressure polyethylene. In addition, in the process of producing this packaging material, it is possible to use dyes to obtain the desired shade of packaging.

Depending on the scope of the application, distinguish the film sleeve and half-sleeved film. The film sleeve is suitable for packaging products of larger sizes. The width of this film is up to 1500 mm. Polythene film half-wound with a width of 300-800 mm. will help to pack the goods of smaller sizes. The thickness of the film from polyethylene is from 10 to 200 microns, which ensures the reliability of packaging of any unit of production.

The main advantages of polyethylene film are:

  •     Strength and structural reliability;
  •     Waterproofing properties;
  •     Protection from environmental factors;
  •     Resistance to mechanical damage;
  •     Convenience during transportation;
  •     Environmental safety;
  •     Visual control of items in the middle of the package;
  •     Possibility of printing images or contact information.

A number of advantages and excellent specifications have made the polyethylene film sleeve and half-finished one of the most popular packaging methods, both food products and construction, agricultural and household goods. In addition to excellent tightness, polyethylene film ensures the safe transportation of goods for any distance.

Production of polyethylene film sleeve and half-sleeve - this is a complex process, which involves not only the attraction of specialized equipment and the availability of high-quality raw materials, but also the possession of all the intricacies of the production process. That is why, the individual manufacture of a polyethylene film sleeve or a sleeve bag should be trusted only by professionals.

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